Sawdust (The Basic)

We sell different types of sawdust depending on your bedding IMG_20160325_104206445needs. The first option is what we call green. Most of this type of sawdust is from log mills that cut boards from fresh logs. This gives it very little time to dry and then the dust can sometimes can be stored outside. Dalton Wood Products is different, most of our green sawdust is from a pallet shop. This product has the advantage of being cut into 6 inch by 6 inch boards and air drying until the mill cuts to the final board size. The mill keeps the dust inside and we pick it up in a covered trailer that is then dumped and stored in a building on our property. 


The Green Sawdust supply is more widely  available and there are less inputs needed to get the boards to a usable product, making green sawdust slightly cheaper. The other advantage is the lack of dust that hangs in the air after spreading or dumping. This type of dust has not been sent through a kiln so it does not absorb quit as well and depending on storage can clump a little, but is easily broken apart.

We have customers that use this product for Horses, Cattle, Chickens, and one that uses it to absorb liquids.img_8211


The next option is Dry, this is sawdust from places that need boards to be without moisture before they start cutting or forming.  Because this has less moisture in the dust it tends to hang in the air when it gets disturbed (similar to baby powder).  IMG_20160325_103836697However this can absorb more moisture from the animals and cuts down on bacteria that can cause mastitis in cattle. This product can be different from time to time depending on the mill where it was purchased, and what machine is being used that day. For example we have one mill that planes poplar boards so these flakes are yellow and uniformed, another mill we purchase from uses hardwood and lathes so there is different colors and long stringy particles.

These products are sold by the yard and can either be blown into a bin or dumped onto your site wherever you store it. The blower option is a silage blower hooked up to the truck and moves all of the sawdust through a ten inch diameter pipe. While the trucks that we use for dump loads are walking floors. This allows us to not need space over the truck while unloading.  Dalton Wood Products can mix dry and green together trying to find the best combination for your needs based off desire of absorption and dust control.

Finally there are bags available in both hardwood and pine. The bags are third 100884252_114929293565061_3975786444915474432_nto a quarter of a yard and the dimensions are 36″*16″*12″* weighing roughly 74lbs. These bags stack easily and are a better option if space is limited. They are sold as singles with a slight price break if a whole skid of sixteen is purchased.